Association Theatre MARALAM

Independent professional cultural organisation

MARALAM is a politically and religiously independent professional cultural organisation in the form of an association based in Zurich, which, according to the association’s bylaws, “… mainly aims at the promotion, both idealistic and material, of the theatre MARALAM, which is composed of foreigners and Swiss. In addition, it generally promotes cultural exchange at home and abroad between foreigners and Swiss people through the performing arts in the broadest sense and related fields, and contributes to the dissemination of information in these areas”.

Patronage Committee

A committee of Patronage supports the activities of MARALAM. It consists of the ladies and gentlemen:

Cecile Bühlmann, former National Councilor, Vice-President of the Swiss Federal Commission against Racism, Executive Director of the feminist peace organization cfd, today President of the Foundation Board of Greenpeace Switzerland, Vice-President of the Swiss Minorities Society / Dr. Mathias Ezeoba, publicist BR, development sociologist / Mrs. Angeline Fankhauser, former member of the Swiss National Council / Hugo Fasel, former member of the Swiss National Council, Director of Caritas Switzerland until 2020; Mrs. Brigitta Gadient, former member of the Swiss National Council / Franz Hohler, writer and cabaret artist / Fiammetta Jahreiss-Montagnani, former Zurich municipal councilor, president of Zurich Municipal Council, 2008/2009. member of the Swiss Federal Commission for Migration, vice-presidency, 2008-2019. today ECAP president / Dr David Streiff, former director Federal Office of Culture / Alphonse Tarcissius, Ph.D. Tamil Drama, London, former BBC World Service journalist, Tamil Section / Arthur Züger, former National Councilor. Institutions: Swiss Refugee Agency SFH, Bern. Swiss Federal Commission against Racism FCR.


Otto Kümin, President Heinz Haab, Vice President Dr. h.c., lic.phil. Doris Angst Zahra Ghiase Ramezani Dr. iur. Bernhard Peter Victoria Soosaipillai-Ramaiah


Treuhand Büro M. Leiser, Dietikon, Switzerland


Reviduna Revisions AG, Volketswil, Switzerland