Forum Theater

MARALAM was the first professional theater in Switzerland to produce forum theater programs for adults and schools. In the meantime, several large and long-running forum productions have been developed at home and abroad) produced and implemented. Recent projects include “Rookie” and I GIRL I BOY I PHONE, funded by the State Secretariat for Education Research and Innovation SERI of the Swiss Confederation. Around 30,000 students participated

In the second part, the scene or sequence of scenes is started again from the beginning, and the participants actively intervene in the forum events with a stop. You now have the opportunity to influence the course of events and intervene yourself with new solutions in the progress of events, to change, to try out various settings, behavior and solution proposals concretely or to develop completely different, new approaches. [nbsp]Conflict resolution is not always a simple matter, even in the forum. However, there are always participants who intervene. The whole process is open, exciting, liberating, often fun – and there is a lot of laughter.

Concrete offerings Interactive

Maralam’s offers and formats are based on many years of practice, are concrete, touching, deepening, convey insight, are fun and thought-provoking, and address the specific needs of the target groups very precisely.

Interactive: Invisible Theatre

The Invisible Theater format is used to create scenes based on prepared content. It is always about a current topic that can be safely assumed to be of interest to viewers. The scenes are performed by the actors in pre-arranged locations. They play their roles just like in conventional theater, but not in the theater and in front of spectators who do not know that they are theater spectators.

The format starts from a written text, a firmly outlined conflict situation. It must be prepared in detail, not only in terms of the scene itself and the interaction of the actors, but also in terms of the possible participation of the audience. The players are prepared to include all conceivable cues from the audience in their game.

In the form of various figures, they embody diverse opinions and attitudes on a particular topic. The content and stories are prepared so that they can be performed on the street, at public [nbsp]or closed events of organizers, institutions and companies, without the participants perceiving it as a theatrical performance. This authenticity often makes it possible to get to the heart of a topic unfiltered and to make even sensitive issues concretely conscious.[nbsp]Invisible theater expresses certain realizations of reality in a sensual way.

Actual Forum Theatre Productions